Of Crying Stones

Opening: 02. of September 2021, Theater der Künste, Zurich

In Of Crying Stones, the performers descend into the political dimensions of depression: In the installation-like spatial situation, the eight bodies make themselves and their surroundings vibrate in order to destigmatize the shame associated with vulnerable existence. Anxiety and lightness collide here to test new visions for dealing with felt emptiness, hurt, and trauma. Through collected practices of care, affection, responsibility, respect, commitment, and trust, a network of relationships is created that trains spectators and performers into a temporary but forward-looking community.

Photocredit: © Anna Wöser

Concept and production: Hannah Drill
Stage and lighting:
Ivalina Yapova
Music: Siavash Namehshiri
Performance: Fiona Rae Brunner, Hannah Drill, Svenja Koch, Izabela Orzelowska, Moritz Sauer, Mira Studer
Club Gallop
Michelle Schuhmacher
Mentorship: Monika Gysel
Psychological counseling:
Naëmi Huber