Hideaway. Liebe und andere Radikalitäten
by Bauer + Baum

Opening: 11 June 2023, Werk X-Petersplatz, Vienna

Heat. June. First: Yay! Then: Nay! We dream ourselves away from the city. Into the shade of citrus trees and tall pines. Away. To a holiday hideaway. Want to dive into the vacation bubble there. Already hear the Vespa rattling. Feel the ice-cold Aperol shoot through the straw into your mouth. Sucking on fresh figs and watermelons. While our thighs gradually melt into plastic chair surface.

It’s summer. Bauer + Baum collective dismantles the theatre chairs at WERK X-Petersplatz. And erects a glass bungalow. It’s not surrounded by lush, fragrant nature or the gently swaying treetops of a Mediterranean place we long for. But by the audience, who can see into the life of an ensemble of four. Not a family on paper, but still one somehow. Not a typical one, and yet already a love story.

Bauer + Baum fish with relish for familiar clichés in the nostalgia box and serve them garnished with feminist perspectives. In the process, they question the so-called romantic love and what it is supposed to be able to achieve with its sheer unbridled power. They deal with family and other constructs and ask themselves how political intimate connections are. Inspired by Şeyda Kurt, Josephine Apraku, bell hooks and many others, a diverse text is created based on interviews with tenderness experts and in collaboration with the ensemble, which demands space for BIPoC and LGBTIQ* voices. Who can allow themselves to completely ignore “society”? Who enjoys the luxury of not being in the mood for politics at all? Who is allowed to withdraw and relax in a “hideaway”?

“The world does not get better just by having fair and tender relationships in my immediate environment. It has to be about solidarity with other people that goes beyond my partnership or friendship.” Şeyda Kurt

With: Nina Fog, Lisa Kärcher, Marie Noel, Moritz Sauer
Director, text: Isabella Sedlak
Stage and costumes: Sophie Baumgartner
Stage construction: Johannes Plos
Music and dound design: Philipp Pettauer
Dramaturgy: Moritz Sauer
Assistant director: Juliane Aixner
Photos: Isabella Simon
With voices by: Valentina Ferrari, Michael Schusser

Special thanks of the production to: Boris Schärf, Evi Pribyl, Bimi Böck, Mario Minichmayr, Sandra Wolf, Giacomo Marinsalta, all interview partners, all those who will support us in the future, and our Italian family, with whom we share land, love and suffering.

Photocredit: Isabella Simon