Ganz billig*
*a study in temperament

World premiere: 31. of January 2020, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

Are all gay men interior designers, good listeners and great at baking?! The goddesses of fag gods & friends question identity, cultural practices and belonging in their semi-autobiographical, social-anthropological performance Ganz billig*.

In conversation with the audience the friends celebrate their characteristics, differences and conflicts to show what gay, queer or other life currently is: what childhood memories do they share, whose behaviors are uncannily similar and which traumas are still haunting them? Between pop culture and too private stories an associative round dance of scenes, a revue existing of different viewpoints on »gay culture« emerges. But nothing is exactly as the stereotype: Hold on to your forks – we are blowing up your cake tin!

Photocredit: © Rebecca Hernàndes Gomis

By and with: fag gods & friends

fag gods & friends is a performance collective that exists since 2019. In January 2020 they have performed the first part of their trilogy about culture, sexuality and identity at Ballhaus Ost: Ganz billig* – *a study in temperament deals with the problem of defining gay, respectively queer, culture. For the upcoming second part Ganz trocken* – *oral histories, the dramaturg Paula Knüpling will become a permanent member of the self-proclaimed goddesses*. The friends* work from their own biographies and experiences as queer people from the private to the political. They develop new linguistic and physical performative strategies for critically questioning social mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. Ronald Berger, Paula Knüpling, Moritz Sauer and Paul Spittler are fag gods & friends.

A production of fag gods & friends in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the District Office Pankow of Berlin, Office for Advanced Education and Culture – Department of Art and Culture.