Effi Briest ff.
after Theodor Fontane

Opening: 10 of June 2022, andere welt bühne, Strausberg

Theodor Fontane’s most widely received work is a love triangle with a tragic ending about his famous title character Effi Briest, her husband, the Baron of Innstetten, and her lover, Major of Crampas. Fontane wanted “his Effi” to be understood as a critique of the society of the time. But why does Effi Briest have to die for this? While her real-life role model Elisabeth von Plotho (1853-1952), was allowed to live to be almost a hundred years old? Did Theodor Fontane commit a “literary femicide” with “Effi Briest”? Why do we glorify male violence against women and excuse it with “love”? How can another life be resurrected from biographical sources, contrary to standardized notions of history? And what conclusions about the author, his epoch, and the patriarchy can be drawn from this?

In Effi Briest ff. Paul Spittler and team continue the linear literary narrative “Effi Briest” by contrasting it with the complex reality of Elisabeth von Plotho, “fabulating” which life should interest us today – one imagined by men – or one lived in opposition to men? In “their Effi” the team thus deconstructs Fontane’s “fear apparatus of calculation” and shows how Fontane nevertheless remained attached to the morality of his time. Effi Briest ff. shows what was not true at all – but became true. And has deadly consequences to this day.

Performed by:
Cynthia Buchheim, Julius Feldmeier, Thomas Hupfer, Melanie Seeland
Staging: Paul Spittler
Dramaturgie and discourse
: Moritz Sauer
: Sophie Leypold
Stage Design
: Sophie Leypold, Emanuel Schleiermacher
Music and sound design:
Jonas Albani
Lighting: Paul Klinder
: Finia Schramm

Effi Briest ff. is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.