Single Lives as Singles Wants
The Case of Paula Knüpling

World Premiere: 30. of May 2019, Schaubude Berlin & Performing Arts Festival Berlin

On February 28, 2019, a graffiti appeared on the Garrison Church in Potsdam, in which a woman blurs the stars of the EU. Shortly afterwards, Paula Knüpling is arrested for „trespassing“ and „destroying public property“. She denies the act, her alibi has holes in it, the media coverage is opaque. The cmd+c Company uses the case as an opportunity to examine the relevance of „truth“ in a world of subjective opinions.

Moderation: Moritz Sauer, Núria Frías
Artistic Direction:
Marina Prados, Paula Knüpling
Text: Team
Head of Technic:
Paula Knüpling
Supported by:
Saladin Sellers

A production by cmd+c in cooperation with Schaubude Berlin and Performing Arts Festival Berlin.