Fags in Space

World Premiere: July 2018, TiK Nord, Berlin

Welcome at the space station of BR*OTHE ISSUES!

In HONEY’N NUNEY – Fags in Space the twins Jchj and Moritz talk about being siblings and connecting sisters, having children or raising them, passing on alleged Christian values, anxiety or empathy now or in the future, preservation of one’s genes and black holes. As rebellious Honey or conformal Nuney they ask: How did we perform our roles in the family? Will we have a poly- or couple-relationship? Are normative dreams of family a betrayal of queer liberation movements? Do all of us have to be pioneers? Queer people are still forced to set an example of their truths of family and future, against hegemonial resistance. If they’re still seen as “aliens” and “coming from another planet” – how does it look like? Do they all have the same home planet? Where is it?

On their journey through space BR*OTHER SSUES look for their “real home”. But then the spaceship makes weird noises, and they must decide on which planet to land…

Photocredit:  © Johanna Maria Fritz

A performance by & with BR*OTHER ISSUES