Daydreams & Nightscreams:
10 Steps to Succeed in Sleep

Premiere: 6. September 2019, Spieltriebe 8, Festival, Theater Osnabrück

Welcome to the sleep lab of BR*OTHER ISSUES!

With their 10 Steps to Suceed in Sleep, the siblings Jchj and Moritz have developed a seminar on 10 steps to positive and sustainable regeneration. In it, the self-proclaimed experts work off each other and the needs of the audience: what does sleep mean for the individual and society, both metaphorically and factually? To what lengths can we push self-optimization? Isn’t the realm of dreams the place where everything is still possible? The last place to be completely alone with oneself?

Photocredit: © Selina Haberland

A performance by & with: BR*OTHER ISSUES
Stage & costumes: Lan Pham
Theresa Sophie Leopold

DAYDREAMS & NIGHSCREAMS – 10 Steps to Suceed in Sleep is a production of BR*OTHER ISSUES as part of Spieltriebe 8, a festival of Theater Osnabrück.